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يعتبر مركز Kryolan Training Center Amman للتدرب أشهر مستحضرات الماكياج في الشرق الأوسط وأوروبا (Kryolan) ، حيث يقدم للطلاب أفضل دورات المكياج وأكثرها شمولاً، ودورات التدريب على المكياج الفني، ودورات إعداد وسائل الإعلام في العالم. كما نوفر اعتماد IMA العالمي المعترف به دوليًا
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لنبقى على تواصل لاخر اخبارنا ! الرجاء كتابة بريدك الالكتروني

About Kryolan Training Center

We educate elite creative makeup artists. We explore and push the creativity of our students and strive for technical perfection through dedication and passion for makeup artistry.
Welcome to the KRYOLAN Family. Your Future Starts Here.

نحن ندرب وتعلم بافضل واحدث الطرق واخبرها , نكتشف ما لديكي و نقوم بصقله و نوجهه نحو الافضل
مرحبًا بك في عائلة كريولان. مستقبلك يبدأ هنا.


There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.

KRYOLAN Training Center Trainees

"In a nice environment, teachers were patient and attentive. They have boosted my confidence by giving constructive advices while not being judgmental."

"مركز كريولان للتدريب ولا اروع, المدربين فعلا غاية في الصبر و المعرفة و العلم, قاموا بتهيئتي و تجهيزي و تدريبي و زيادة الثقة في نفسي لاصبح الاولى في أتقان الميك اب "



I really liked the program, you improve your skills easily. The first week we had struggles with finding the right foundation and now we actually know which one to use before starting. That's really cool!



I really loved it because teachers here are really friendly and helpful, there is nothing more to ask for. In 2 weeks I have learned so much!



I join the Academy to learn the basics, I have gained so much confidence. It was a magical experience!



It was amazing!! We’ve learnt so much in such a short time.


Teachers allowed us to question ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to improve our skills quickly.



It was an amazing human experience.



It is really important to always train to improve ourselfs, we would be glad to come back at the KRYOLAN TRANING CENTER.



We are very proud to have been a student at KRYOLAN TRANING CENTER.


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To know more about us and trainings, please fill the contact form and inform the name of the training you are interested in.

لمزيد من المعلومات عن مركزنا او اي دورة الرجاء ملىء المعلومات وسيتم التواصل معك باسرع وقت

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Marj Al-Hamam, Princess Taghreed Street,Amman,Jordan
مرج الحمام , شارع الاميرة تغريد, عمان ,الاردن

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